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The coils work together to provide balanced support and contouring support

An innerspring needs to support the body evenly, helping to maintain its natural alignment. 

Serta’s Continuous Support® innerspring is an ingenious, patented design. Unlike single-coil designs, the coils in the Continuous Support innerspring work together to deliver correct support to the shoulders, back and hips, and balanced support as much as 86% more support than the other products. Even while sleeping near the edge of the bed, you will get the same support as you get when sleeping in the middle.

Healthful support is yet another reason for the superior comfort of Serta mattress.

The patented design minimizes the effects of partners movements

Unlike other mattresses, Serta Continuous Support® innerspring is a system of coils made from continuous wire that run from head to toe. Because the helicals run in the same direction that most people sleep, they independently support persons with dissimilar body weights, helping prevent roll-together.

Serta’s head-to-toe helicals provide each sleeper a restful night’s sleep on the same sleep surface.

Additional posturized center provides body support where it is needed most

Serta concentrates additional posture spirals in the center third of the unit where most of a person’s body weight is concentrated to deliver more support to the shoulders, back and hips. The posturized center helps prevent sagging, too.

Where there is more support, there is a solid opportunity for a good night’s sleep! 

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